Do you own an apartment? Don't care where your prescribed payments go?

I can help you with that.

I offer bookkeeping includes:

  • registration of payment rules and their reimbursements
  • registering house costs by item
  • wage processing - contract creation, management of personnel agenda
  • maintenance of a long-term advance for repairs and its use
  • preparation of financial statements - creation of books including annex, archiving and interpretation at the assembly

Property management includes:

  • register of owners
  • creating payment regulations
  • monitoring of payment of regulations and reminder of debtors
  • cost records for billing
  • billing services
  • provision of revisions, repairs and maintenance
  • preparation of contracts with energy and service suppliers
  • preparation of documents for the assembly
  • register of drawing on long-term advance "repair fund"
  • archiving documents in accordance with GDPR
  • house service (boiler rooms, lifts, gauer readings - water, heat, TUV)

Performance of the function of professional chairman:

The President shall be responsible for:

  • technical condition of the house
  • administrative documents
  • accounting and administration - forwards the necessary documents to the authorities
  • deals with service and work suppliers (concludes contracts)

According  § 159 of the Civil Code, the President is responsible for the community's obligations with all his assets.

  • communication with the inhabitants of the house
  • solves everything necessary around the house